The Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution major at UCSD is honestly such as hidden gem for anyone interested in studying the amazing complexities of the natural world. As someone who has been an EBE major for all 4 years of their undergrad and the 2018/2019 EBE Club President, I’ve had plenty of time to interact with faculty, graduate students, and especially other undergrad EBE majors. And I can definitely say that they are one of a kind! It became evident very early on that the people in this department especially love their work and the honest passion and impressive knowledge that they all bring to their research and studies has and will continue to inspire me as I continue my own studies and research going forward. On top of the people, the EBE classes here at UCSD are also amazing experiences that successfully combine interesting, innovative, and integrative topics into our ecological education. These classes don’t only make participants engaged, but also contribute to a greater, and more well-rounded education that many other programs don’t facilitate as well. Lastly, the EBE department is full of opportunities for undergraduate research-something that is so unbelievably crucial for many interested in research-based careers yet not often taken advantage of. My experiences working in the lab environment as part of the EBE department has been perhaps one of the strongest indicators of what I want to do with my career and has been largely responsible for building my specific interests in behavioral ecology. But in the end, I’ve had an amazing experience as a EBE major and I hope many others will continue to build upon this great UCSD community. Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution is so much more than just another biology major-it’s a major that fully trains and supports its students to go outside and explore and conduct research in the greatest lab there is; that of nature itself.

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